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Network Support & IT Project Management

At Networks Connect our focus is on the support and management of IT Networks. Each one of our Network Administrators is a highly trained and experienced Networking professional. With dozens of industry leading certifications we stand ready to offer you and your network the high quality service you deserve!





Network Monitoring/Management

Without the costly expense of a full-time Network Administrator, it can be difficult to know that your Network is healthy or that your data is safe. The solution? Allow Networks Connect, Inc. to manage your Network! We can remotely manage your entire network ensuring that your Servers are healthy and secure. If an emergency should arise we can have a technician onsite immediately.

We can also setup and remotely manage a backup strategy for your entire network. In the event of a system crash, emergency or massive hardware failure, your data is only as good as your last backup. Don't leave it to chance, let Networks Connect handle your data and network monitoring needs!






Network Performance and Security Audits

How secure is your Network? Are you running as efficiently as you could be? Are wasteful practices or network bottlenecks costing you precious productivity? Get the most of your Network with a complete Network Diagnostic! We will send one of our highly trained and experienced Network Professionals to fully evaluate your Network Infrastructure. Using a variety of industry leading tools we will ensure that your Network is running as well as it should be.

We also offer full Network Security audits. With cyber attacks increasingly on the rise across the globe, it is no longer a matter of IF your network will be attacked.. but WHEN! Don't allow your Network to be compromised! Let Networks Connect help you ensure that your valuable data is safe and secure!